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¶ 2018·11·24
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Nine vials of various studio-made tinctures.

As an indie perfumer, I enjoy making unique fragrances from natural materials. High-quality essential oils and fresh resins really help a perfume sing.

Hypernatural perfumes aren’t necessarily better, but they are different than much of what’s produced today, different like many early vintage fragrances.

And like early perfumers, I make many studio tinctures using traditional methods found in historical perfume handbooks. These tinctures add a special, vivid quality that you don’t always experience from contemporary synthetic chemicals.

Handcrafting original perfumes using classical techniques in an experimental style is just one of the things that makes me a #PerfumeNerd.

Purchase a Perfume Sample Discovery Pack today and experience fragrances containing these unique studio tinctures.

¶ 2018·09·02
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Three New Perfumes & Sample Packs Now Available

Very excited to celebrate the launch of three new perfumes. Hop on over to the shop, check them out, and pick up a sample pack!

Three New Perfumes by Chris Rusak

¶ 2018·05·23
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Studio Series 1.5

Studio Series 1 has sold out, but I’ve put a similar intermediary set in the shop, Studio Series 1.5, before subscriptions ship this March.

Studio Series 1.5

This set contains iterations from the incense and lily projects, as well as a fifth experimental vial, which offers an olfactive puzzle to unfurl. Artfully packed, handmade goodness.

¶ 2018·02·05
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Studio Series Subscriptions now available.

In the shop, subscriptions for future Studio Series perfume sets are now available.

Studio Series 2 will ship on March 12, and will be followed by new sets in June and September.

New Sprayer

Studio Series sets contain 5 to 10 samples of perfumes in various stages of completion, allowing you to experience the compositional process in which the perfumer works.

¶ 2018·01·22