A time for work.

Well, I have six panels in various states of priming. This feels great. In fact, everything that surrounds these new panels is radiating idea. It’s pretty powerful, actually… when I work on new panel it really takes me into the future. It’s an immediate fresh-start, a compass to everywhere, a radioactive boomerang… I just feel like there is so much beyond that starting point.

I also think about the life of my art, both in terms of the longevity of my ideas and the durability of the objects I create of those ideas. Each idea is its own structure. Built one on top of another. Adjectives, wallpaper. There is significant time, effort, and forethought into building a work space or a surface to work on. This time placed into preparing to work, yields time to work. It is a birthing process, literally.

Unlike organic creatures, though, the gestation periods are indeterminable, and the species of spawn a matter of calculated roulette.

¶ 2010·01·26