“Imagine a happy group of morons who are engaged in work. They are carrying bricks in an open field. As soon as they have stacked all the bricks at one end of the field, they proceed to transport them to the opposite end. This continues without stop and everyday of every year they are busy doing the same thing. One day one of the morons stops long enough to ask himself what he is doing. He wonders what purpose there is in carrying the bricks. And from that instant on he is not quite as content with his occupation as he had been before.

I am the moron who wonders why he is carrying the bricks.”

– Anonymous suicide note

From Reflections on the Human Venture (New York: New York University Press, 1960) by H. Cantril & C. Bumstead

Four individual panels displayed conjoined
Total size: 8 x 12 in ~ 20 x 30 cm