Charred remains.

The road back from a long journey off the path is littered with charred remains of the past. Ideas and friendships that never were, emotions unrequited, and opportunities that were mere mirages for an intoxicated eye. The weather is calm, morning sun pierces the branches of the trees surrounding the path, and the morning dew is evaporating like the troubles of the previous evening.

With august retrospection, the natural structure of life is undeniably beautiful. It is moving and it moves us. And a cheer to the end of August, a month littered with too many things to do that were not doing the things I really needed to get done. A long, overdrawn celebration of excess, of endings, or the beginnings-of-endings, and of new starts. Rough starts.

Today is a rough start.

Tar on the bottom of my feet connecting me back to a past I once left. A sticky nature that resonates deeply throughout all the futures of the present. But, one that cannot cover the light.

Indifferent to the beginning of a journey, the light from the sun still travels to the walkers of a path. We walk with eyes open or eyes shut. We choose to see our path and our direction or we choose to sit and watch the land change around us. Nature forgives indefinitely.

¶ 2008·08·31