Review of Mathew Hale at Ratio 3 on SFAQ

Page 71 of MIRIAM'S BODY, Mathew Hale, 2013

Page 71 of MIRIAM’S BODY, 2013
Mathew Hale
Courtesy the artist and Ratio 3

At Ratio 3, artist Mathew Hale brings together a cast of personalities and directs them in a psycho-historical nativity scene, acting as a dramaturgist for his never-ending subjective production. My review of his exhibition MA THE WHALE is up now on SFAQ. An excerpt discussing one female protagonist:

“On one hand she acts as objective narrator, a deviant chaperone escorting us through sensual adventures. She tells us stories of characters we vaguely see: friends in a park, the inhabitants of a cottage, strangers on a train, little known painters, blue chip artists, lesbian lovers and lost little boys. On the other hand, she is our mother, warning us that each mirror has two faces and lamenting with us the dichotomous, infinite nature of time in which we mortally participate. Lastly, she embodies Hale’s surrogate mother, a large symbolic figure with constant presence, a whale swirling in the swimming pool of his psyche.”

MA THE WHALE is on view until June 22. Bring popcorn and/or Kleenex, and watch the whole projection. It’s worth it.

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