“Grace has success

In small matters

It is favorable to undertake something.”

I Ching, 22. Pi. “Grace”

“13 January 1988. Art is wretched, cynical, stupid, helpless, confusing – a mirror-image of our own spiritual impoverishment, our state of forsakenness [sic] and loss. We have lost the great ideas, the Utopias; we have lost all faith, everything that creates meaning.

Incapable of faith, hopeless to the utmost degree, we roam across a toxic waste dump, in extreme peril; every one of these incomprehensible shards, these odds and ends of junk and detritus, menaces us, constantly hurts and maims us and sooner or later, inevitably, kills us. Worse than insanity.

Consolations are sold: all shades of superstition, puffed-up little ideologies, the stupidest lies.”

Writings 1961-2007, Gerhard Richter

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