Doubtful/perfect moments.

In a day of declining confidence, I sat down for an evening meditation, disturbed by tour buses parked outside my living room, and the cacophony of my thoughts. Frustrated, I avoided my work, as I’ve learned my lesson with creativity and negativity.

I opted to read. And, four paragraphs after where I had left off the night before, spoke exactly how I was feeling. I’m taking this out of context a bit, but it still hits the mark:

“And because of money and pressure now, it’s almost like a catastrophe. Making pictures has gotten too fast. Many pictures skim along the surface. They can’t delve deep because, if you’re water-skiing at fifty miles an hour, you’re not going to go beneath the surface. But if the boat stops – or even slows up – down you go in the deep water. And that’s where the good ideas are.” – David Lynch, on painting and cinema, from “Lynch on Lynch” edited by Chris Rodley.

¶ 2008·11·03