Ephemeron 9, mixed media on masonite, Chris Rusak 2010


In Spring of 2010 I was invited to collaborate on an exhibition of stories and photographs of San Francisco citizens. This project was called I Live Here: SF and was shown locally at Somarts Gallery in November of that year.

The work for the show was built from chance and ephemera:

The construction of the objects was formed from found ephemera on the streets of San Francisco, as well as the impressed typography into each intersection of those streets. The participants’ narratives were stripped of their original meanings and parsed for unique words, those that were only used once by any individual within the project. These words were then randomly distributed into a list and chosen to create the compositions for the objects.

A majority of the work was accidentally damaged at the end of the exhibition, much the same way discarded tickets and receipts are gnarled underfoot on the sidewalk by pedestrians, disregarded as waste.

Those panels created specifically for the exhibition have been retracted from my catalog of work. The original catalog numbers were 10-024 to 10-041.

The prototypes created for the exhibition, referencing the actual found ephemera and typography, have been renamed as the Ephemera series and retain their original catalog numbers.

The retracted panels will be re-purposed.