The frequency and modulation of color as a map between us all.

Relationships happen during the union of two or more discrete entities. Polychromatic unions are everywhere and we process them hourly, unconsciously. A twenty-four-hour change of hue never ends in the sky, a further relationship of a looker on the planet gazing at the stars and ether out beyond the clouds. There are many times when monochromatics appear best in a given situation and there are times where two or three distinct hues are what are required of us to see and think correctly.

We cannot compare ourselves without the presence of another. While one could exist alone, there would be no perspective, no reflection. Color can deviate into six discrete and definable compartments, further juxtaposed between luminosity and darkness. How do we interpret all these sensations and what makes them attractive or repelling to us?

Simple emotions, simple thoughts, and simple symbols all rest within the visible spectrum of light. We could translate our emotions, thoughts, and the iconography of our symbols into wavelengths and map them all out between us. Connect ourselves and our relationships to each other based on the amplitude and frequency of heat.

¶ 2008·03·22