Review of Greg Gossel at White Walls on SFAQ

No Chaser 1, Greg Gossel 2013

No Chaser 1, 2013
Greg Gossel
Courtesy the artist and White Walls

Now on San Francisco Arts Quarterly, my take on Greg Gossel’s work over the past few years, and why I dislike the fixations disrupting his potential.

An excerpt:

“In an economy of shocking disparity, even, particularly, the cocaine-like art market of record-setting, multi-million auctions, megadealers’ parasitic encroachments, and art fair hoopla, the visual discourse incited by artists, especially when such incitement is aimed at the visual discourse, needs sharpened wit instead of adulation for luxury logos and hegemonically perfect female figures — do we really need more thin, white waifs gathered about? While Gossel once created canvases which begged to be touched, now we just see synthetic harlots realistically far out of our reach.”

The show, Head Over Heels at White Walls, is up until June 29, but you really don’t need to rush over and see it; digital images are no more or less thrilling than the real thing.

¶ 2013·06·28