My biggest error is that I hold my breath.

This grave mistake is unconscious choice to utilize physical concentration at an inappropriate time. There is physical concentration and mental concentration, two discrete places one can intensely focus all their energy. One’s choice to utilize auto-asphyxiation as a means to remove the vibrato of wind through lungs and throat, immediately directs one’s self into the addictive numbing of a carbon dioxide rush. Soon, a different vibrato appears, and the muscles begin to twitch and fasciculate.

Oxygen rush.

Soon, the wave hits, and you feel yourself rising over it, surfing above the rapid molecules. One’s result finds it’s cyclic return, pushing gusts of the noxious anesthetic out beyond the lips, eyes suddenly multiplying brightness, tight chest releasing grip. There is a conscious process that begins and a thought surfaces from underneath the water, an ocean of creativity and of excitement and of darkness. These wrong turns often lead to very secluded caves of idea and reflected brilliance.

¶ 2009·04·20