New work by Maritza Ruiz-Kim.

Untitled, encaustic and mixed media on panel, Maritza Ruiz-Kim 2011

Encaustic, mixed-media on panel
9 x 12 in ~ 23 x 30 cm
Maritza Ruiz-Kim 2011

Friend and artist Maritza Ruiz-Kim is currently showing some new work as part of a small group show of artists in the UC Berkeley Extension Post-Baccalaureate Visual Arts program. Her work included a triumvirate of encaustic and mixed media compositions on panel, a three-dimensional hanging sculpture, and a work from 2010 comprised of a mixed media visual artifact, video, audio and a transcript, that used Twitter to source content for an anthropological/sociological created-dialogue.

Pictured above, one of the triumvirate pulls plexiglass and cut iPod headphone cord into the composition, embedded and layered over the pigmented wax. The plexiglass, its shape a repeated morph of those painted on the surface, reflects the ambient light of the room in which the work occupies. The wire, resembling an ear, bleeds off into the environment even as it is paralyzed in place by nails. These objects stretch the dimensions of the work into the surrounds of the viewer and play not only with the artist’s implied depth in pigment, but the senses beyond sight that a viewer might disregard as they engage. The cord (the work’s exposed nerve ending) and the plexi (a shattered frame) suggest our own synaptic connections extending beyond our sensory lobes. Here two-dimensional visual work is more than a visual experience. The elements of our environment that we allow into our engagement change our ultimate perception of the artist’s intentions. This is especially true as we view temporal works of encaustic, a medium susceptible to complete change with the introduction of ambient heat.

The work is on view at the UC Berkeley Extension – Art and Design Center, 95 Third Street (at Mission), second floor in San Francisco. The show is up until December 4, 2011.

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