Matthew Best & Chris Rusak: New Paintings

Moose Disco, Matthew Best 2013

Moose Disco, 2013
Matthew Best

Next month at the Emery Community Arts Center, University of Maine, Farmington, Matthew Best and I will have a three-month long exhibition of recent paintings. I’m quite excited to be paired with Matthew as I am a big fan of his work. Tying his process directly to his senses, he says in his current artist statement, “I’ve always experienced the world as a tidal wave of sensory information: the five senses competing constantly for my attention.” This admission confirms the excitement one experiences within his compositions, a shifting of space through planes of color faceted by broad strokes. To me, his work has always felt like a bit of a rollercoaster, zips of motion looping me around the picture plane only to invert my perception again and again. His sense for color, too, is evident, especially in his courage to push limits with temperamental hues prone to bullying or antagonizing their viewers. And his ability to take geometry off a grid without falling into the flattened rainbow geodesia so common of painters nowadays is perhaps what impresses me most.

Along with our paintings, Joshua Haycraft will also be showing his work — what that is, I’m not entirely sure, as his website, while flashy, is more confusing and glitchy than satisfying and informative.

Matthew Best & Chris Rusak: New Paintings
Emery Community Arts Center
University of Maine, Farmington
July 25 to September 14, 2013

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