On a lozenge.

Composition with Grid 3 (Lozenge), oil on canvas, Piet Mondrian 1918

Composition with Grid 3 (Lozenge)
Oil on Canvas
Piet Mondrian – 1918

“Warum klagen wir wegen des Sündenfalles?” – from “Das Paradies” by Franz Kafka

“Painting – which is in essence one and unchangeable – has always manifested itself in very diverse expressions. The expressions of the past – characterized by so many styles – differ only by reason of place and time, but fundamentally they are one. However they may differ in appearance, all arose from a single source: the universal, the profound essence of all existence. Thus all historical styles have striven toward this single goal: to manifest the universal.” – from “The New Plastic in Painting” by Piet Mondrian, 1917

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