Painting, technology, reduction.

As soon as I am done with my morning tea, I am headed over to the paint store to pick up a couple of quarts to start a new project. One would think I would be printmaking, hitting the silkscreen, but no, and I haven’t even collaged in three weeks. Ebb and flow. Marathon not sprint.

The project I am starting is actually going to be paintings derived from a collage I made. I’ve never thought myself to be a painter, but, more an image maker, idea translator, concept constructor. I am okay with this. If I am never described as “painterly,” I will not suffer. However, with all this talk of planning and ideas and process over the last few months, banner moments of indolence and otherwise spontaneous detours, I sought and found my motivation and direction. Here’s to no flat tires when I get to my car.

Does anyone else not care about the new iPhone 3G? I don’t. It made me think that one of the last major diseases (nearly) eradicated on the planet was polio and that was back in the fifties?! How much technological advance have we come forward with yet how much additional suffering and unhappiness are we swimming in now? The increase of pollution and corporate corruption? I have yet to understand the real purpose of a hand-held computer device as such; I realize most of the planet is hooked in to the excessive capitalist drive and that is what I am hinting at. But, what rocked my cradle were hearing of all these people who a) “couldn’t stand to wait until July” to get the toy and b) “can’t wait” to trade in a one year old piece of technology to…upgrade?

While I own an iPod, I don’t use it very much. It’s my third and it has become deprecated from my life. Same with my cellphone (my fourth,) I don’t enjoy using it, but it’s my only phone line and the object was free and the monthly fee was cheaper than the last. I have text messaging and internet access disabled, too, because it just seems unnecessary in the end. Yes, I realize the ‘value’ to having maps-in-hand and the ability to communicate in a crowded restaurant, but for 1970plus years we made do without it. We even eradicated diseases in those centuries. People used atlases, wrote memoranda, and stayed focused on the activity at hand instead of being engulfed in the palm of their hand. It just appears to me to be an extended form of masturbation.

I read a brief article on purposelessness and it spiraled my thinking wildly out of control. I will have more to say on this in the future. I will write you a text-message.

¶ 2008·06·10