Everyone is a color. As we all stand next to each other, with one sitting aside observing, the hues of all the energy become apparent. Color transcends race. Some people coin it as auras, chakra glow, what have you, but there is a definite unconscious visual element to the way everyone is.

Perhaps we can bring in to play the tenets of color theory. Some people are complementary to my color while others provide simultaneous contrast. Many characters in life have a great amount of extension in their chroma while other people lean grey and lower the collective volume. (But, I think grey gets a bad rep.)

Anyhow, in the communion of people numbering past fifty, the rainbow becomes clear. The plastic meet the transparent and slowly you can begin to reduce people down to their essences. This is not a perfect science. But, visual art never really has a perfect definition in the end, either.

¶ 2008·03·02