Postcard Construction #15 by Brian Dupont

New York artist Brian Dupont recently sent me a mail art work from his Postcard Construction series. I figured this was a perfect starting point to post items I’ve collected from other artists. Dupont creates specific objects within a framework of abstract painting. From his Artist’s Statement: “My recent work has begun to focus on the visual possibilities inherent in language; I take the written (or printed) word as source material, stressing and distorting the text through a process of painting, erasure, and repainting.”

I’m pleased to have a color field construction absent of text – a chance to place one’s own ideas into a work on a tableau that has had its face completely distorted from its original purpose.

Postcard Construction 15, mixed media on paper, Brian Dupont 2011

Postcard Construction 15 (verso), mixed media on card, Brian Dupont 2011

Postcard Construction #15
Mixed media on paper
Brian Dupont – 2011

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