Postcard (Re)Construction #17 by Brian Dupont

Postcard (Re)Construction #17, mixed media on postcard, Brian Dupont 2012
Postcard (Re)Construction #17
Mixed media on postcard
Brian Dupont, 2012

My collaborator on the Source Material show, Brian Dupont, recently added another one of his excellent and fun Postcard Constructions into my collection – except in this case it’s a (Re)Construction. Instead of starting out with a blank ground, Brian used store-bought postcards as his substrate and built his compositions from there. I really enjoy the streaks of orange – very similar to the hue of processing barcodes the USPS prints at the bottom of mailed matter – cutting across the surface, coupled with the scratches that faintly reveal the original image of the commercial purchase, framing the top and bottom of the color space. I keep asking myself if the black smear across the center is intended or a serendipitous addition by our fine government agency.

¶ 2012·06·21