Some things change: Design elements and skins, the time, position, perspective.

Some things do not: Ideas, theories, methods, chutzpah.

Though some of the latter is quite malleable at times. Living sculpture.

Ideas are constantly in transit. They are never static. Even during a moment of realization and implementation there are slight, if ephemeral, adjustments in the plan during execution. Serendipity or accident can occur and immediately one is forced into a corner of decision. Original idea is suddenly transformed into new idea but in a matter of fission.

Rapid fission is this brilliant experience. Explosions of idea. Pure creative ejaculation. Suddenly a leaf is pulled off of a tree that sprung from a field of Mandelbrots inside a structure of hexagonal cells wrapped around fibrous stems and lines budding delicate velvet leaves. Ideas spin themselves around and shed off more ideas without shaving from the original.

And you make a box and you put these ideas in it and you keep it warm and you look at it and remember it and think about it in moments of dullness and one day you come to the box and open it and you realize: now is the time.

¶ 2008·01·09