Review of Andy Vogt at Eli Ridgway Gallery on SFAQ

Shadeshape 3, 2012, Andy Vogt

Shadeshape 3, 2012

Andy Vogt

Courtesy Eli Ridgway Gallery

My review of Andy Vogt’s show of sculpture and painting, “Submerged on the Surface”, currently on view at Eli Ridgway Gallery, San Francisco was recently published on San Francisco Arts Quarterly. An excerpt:

“The actual shadows of Shadeshape 3 (2012) … capture space and work to cajole a viewer into the darker elements on display. Constructed of interrupted zigzags bound between an illusory, frank window frame, shadow becomes as material as the wood. Complex cuts, precise sizes, and a multitude of angles come together as a naked, open lean-to, breathing an anxious delicacy that could crumble under the slightest bump. This work is a Constructivist’s wet dream. Beautifully, almost impeccably constructed, yet one minute area reveals the body of a nail, whereas elsewhere we only see hints of trimmed silver heads. But, in a very harmonic way, this easter egg for viewers who take the time to engage the work offers counterpoint by infusing another angle for consideration — a hint of the angles one must take to construct a handsome work with such á plomb.”

Open until June 22, 2013, this show is a don’t miss.

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