Sometimes just on a wall.

The next print is 40% done. The image I am working on right now is fairly simple and during the process of printing there is little decision to be made other than how much color to apply to the paper and that is primarily for technical reasons. I have begun to solve problems, both current and in advance, and if I just had more time (or freedom) in the day I could encounter those mistakes quicker only to stave them off as fast.

For me, the relationship between the image and the viewer is moving to the forefront. But, I am also very peculiar about the relationship of the image and it’s environment and to other images. Art is living. Images vibrate in our mind, in our eye, and everything in life is constantly vibrating, if nothing else, at the behest of a slowly spinning sphere.

Making art and writing are processes that cannot be forced. This is why insurance forms are so arduous. And sometimes, art was just meant to be looked at and appreciated, loathed, or ignored.

¶ 2008·02·17