Source Material: Works by Brian Dupont and Chris Rusak

My work will be in a show at SKYDIVE Art Space in Houston, TX this May, in a new exhibition titled Source Material. I am honored to be paired with Brian Dupont, a talented artist based in Brooklyn, NY, for this two-man show that opens Friday, May 18th, 2012. Brian and I share similar pursuits in that we both incorporate elements of text into our compositions. His elements are often derived from personal information and are painted onto the surfaces of his objects, while mine derive from deconstructed books and are intended as linear abstractions of glyph.

We have also initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help offset production, shipping, and exhibition costs. Anyone who contributes $20 or more is rewarded with art; higher levels of contributions offer large, formal works that we collaborate on. As of this publishing, we have had our campaign funded by eleven wonderful donors, qualifying us for payment as part of Kickstarter’s fundraising scheme. However, we both hope that you’ll consider adding to that support and extend the possibilities of our practice. Both Brian and I are very excited to be working on some new pieces together, and I can’t think of someone better to be commissioned by than those readers who have supported me for many years. Please take a moment to click on the above link and consider supporting the practices of emerging artists.

A preview of the collage work I will have in the exhibition is currently live on the website. This piece, Chloroform, is one of the new rhomboidal compositions I have been working on.

Chloroform, collage on masonite, Chris Rusak 2012

Collage on masonite
2012 – 12-003

Source Material: Works by Brian Dupont and Chris Rusak
Houston, Texas
Opening reception: Friday, May 18th, 2012, 7 to 10pm

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