Tension and Light

Tension and Light is a series of acrylic on fiberglass paintings created in 2013.

This series demonstrates how changing a conventionally opaque surface to a translucent one alters the effect of light on paintings. Viewers now see the insides of the work, like its frame, corner keys, and internal shadows.

By simply changing a substrate and using fiberglass, not canvas or linen, painting becomes a new kind of sculptural object. Typically, when a painting is described as being sculptural, it’s often due to impasto qualities, textural inclusions, or some actually physical buildup from the surface that projects toward the viewer, into an open space. In contrast, on fiberglass, hard-edged and extremely flat usage of paint forces any sculptural effect away from the viewer, into a contained space. The light necessary to viewing a painting takes on a new mode of operation, becoming more like the radiation which creates an x-ray.