Texture and collage.

“The hysteric suffers from reminiscences.” – Sigmund Freud

I have been very busy in the studio working on new panels using both text or texture-only formats. One of my interests in working with the collage medium is to focus on the shape of the material used to compose, and the additive process of texture, the build-up of ideas. Keeping work in an achromatic format removes the emotional annotations that may otherwise be perceived when color spectra is present, and has proven a reliable tool to attract the viewer’s gaze on the lines created by edges and the contours formed with depth.

Grey No. 2, Collage, acrylic, pigment on masonite, artist's frame, Chris Rusak 2008

Grey No. 2
Collage, acrylic, pigment on masonite, artist’s frame
2008 – 08-003

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