The cost of doing art.

Like any hobby, business, or trade, there are expenses to the creation and production of your work. In time these add up. Light bulbs and fixtures run up a till quickly these days. But with a little luck and a lot of hard work the tradesman may just bring a little money in to keep the cycle of production going. This is my hope. That at some point all the years of hobby and relaxing/cathartic activity add up into something others want to possess and experience and perhaps trade for a little greenback.

There are many artists who want art to be completely free, void of the constrains of trade and commerce, and simply to benefit the masses at the expense of nobody or nothing. This seems like an ineffective equation to me. At some point an artist has to bring in some form of income in this society. Couchsurfing, while fun, is not entirely glamorous or healthy after a certain moment. Nutrition costs are rising faster than inflation. And the desire to engage in large scale projects generally requires larger scales of capital.

There are further costs to the grand artistic equation as well. Time is the largest factor in the juggle. Balancing menial employment that currently creates the living income with the necessary time required to relax in life and build your studio is one chaotic experiment in vertigo. The quantity of friends and associates you keep in your circle seems to winnow away as you play the aforementioned juggling act. Eating out more seems to be a worthwhile variable in the equation. Algebraically it all seems to work out and you are still fascinated that, in the end, the sum is still n.

¶ 2008·01·22