Wild and varied thoughts.

Perhaps a life of celibacy, devotion, and reflection is the only way some humans can reconcile past existences.

Sometimes we need to see how scary and deluded we can make it, as if having built a tolerance up to hot peppers, and we must satiate the need for more.

A 100% death tax would change our perception of everything tangible or valuable, our possessions evaporate with our existence, and there would be a natural balancing of wealth with the cycle of life. Of course, the richest would detest this, but they would also pass with the honor of sustaining the lives of the living.

Fortune cookie zen for the last week of 2009: “Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.”

Folded white squares of paper as conduits for escape.

Dark rooms with bright lights versus open space and sunshine… do we use these as tools for seasonal adjustment?

Sloth dazes and destroys.

¶ 2008·12·28