A testament to Sam Storicks.

I was a friend of Sam Storicks.

Sam was a good man. Born of New Jersey stock, and snaking his way west as so many Northeasteners had before, he set up shop in San Francisco a few years before I arrived in town. We met as most mid-twenty homosexuals did by way of internet, eventually connecting in person for a beer. He was a handsome guy and will be remembered dearly for his many shapes and sizes, haircuts and groomings. He had a big heart and a big imagination, a real kid like the rest of us struggling to grow up.

Sam had his troubles and he succumbed to them many times throughout our friendship. Several years ago while we were vacationing our bond quickly soured as he wrestled with drug addiction. We, too, grew apart as he continued away from many people. Still, he triumphed. I believe he was the most astonished person on his 365th day clean and sober, something everyone around him and the whole gay internet celebrated. We believed in him. He overcame a lot of doubt that he was able to stay clean and it showed. I was fortunate to see our friendship overcome their trials when he offered a genuine apology to me one day, something I am grateful for having had the opportunity to thank him for.

Sam grew up a lot in the last few years. He had a creative edge that was really clawing its way out. He sought solace in music and aspired to DJ heights, finding his craft and place amongst the trade. He was working and affiliated with the local scenes of Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and was slated to spin in Orlando and Vancouver this autumn. It could be said, though, that Sam was a part of every scene, and sometimes he was the scene.

Sam leaves behind a partner who truly meant the world to him. When I asked about the genesis of their relationship, Sam said “it took two emails and I knew,” and the rest is history. Their love was palpable to outsiders. Sam frequently extolled the relationship to all of us, and those of us who knew him over the years can confidently say that we saw and knew a changed man as a result of Greg’s love.

I was a friend of Sam Storicks and on July 23, 2010, he passed on.

Sam Storicks was a good man, an artist. He is loved and he will be missed.

DJ Sam Storicks, Echoplex, Los Angeles
Photo credit: Calvin Fleming

Playlist for Us
Tod und Verklärung by Richard Strauss; Pierre Monteux conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Symphony No. 3 in A minor by Sergei Rachmaninov; Vladimir Ashkenazy conducting the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Bluff Limbo by µ-Ziq

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