Donald Trump’s Fight to Make America Great Again

Because the amplitude and frequency of an intentionally divisive and enraging discourse, one hinged clearly on fascist ideologies, has become so loud, I feel I can no longer sit silent.

There has been much talk about our ostensible President-Elect’s similarity to hideous leaders from the past who employed the same style, tone, and types of loose logic his various aphorisms and press releases embrace, digestibly fashioned as part of an attempt to rise to a dangerous level of power.

These various floating theories are all quite believable. There are admissions on the record that Donald Trump owns and reads the writing of Adolf Hitler, stated by both his ex-wife and a close friend. There are scholars who note the similarities.

But, we have had little visual analysis of the two men and their words united.

In the Internet Age, visual analysis is paramount to understanding the present and investigating how the ethernet cables of history connect into contemporary culture. Especially since the Presidential campaigning is now, more than ever, a visual barrage of memes, hot takes, and logo-emblazoned soundbites experienced as a visual object of communication and persuasion, there is much to be said about a supposition — an imagining — of history and today’s phenomena colliding in one form.

Today, as a cadre of the mainstream media — nay, a free press’s heavily spotlit faces meet with Mr. Trump in a private, off-the-record meeting, I have composed a pamphlet which presents a hypothetical rendering of history and hysteria colliding.

This pamphlet employs no original content other than direct quotes from Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler, all readily available in the furor of the public sphere.

It is presently available as a PDF and I am releasing this artwork into the public domain.


¶ 2016·11·21